7 Problems with the Theory of Evolution

When I was in grade school they shoved the theory of evolution down our throats, complete with charts showing an ape gradually standing up and becoming a man. I always considered this a travesty. It was – and remains – just a theory after all, and a highly questionable one at that. But the public school systems in the USA feel they need some way to explain to the kids why we all exist and where we all came from. Since they don’t have the Bible (because of that whole separation of Church and State thing), this is the best they can come up with. Come to think of it, the fact that this ridiculous theory is peddled as science, since they obviously have nothing better, only further testifies to the truth of God and the Bible. Let’s take a look at seven of the major flaws with evolution.

1. No Beginning. Evolution presupposes the existence of a physical dimension that has always been there. Or at least, the evolutionists have no explanation for it being here. The best they can come up with is something like a big explosion in space a long time ago. Where did the combustible material for that explosion come from? A bunch of gasses floating in space? Where did those gasses come from? And for that matter, where did space itself come from? I mean if you take away all the stars and planets and everything, you are left with empty space. But empty space is still something, as it has a physical presence. Where did it from? Why should anything exist at all?

 2. Origin of Life. OK so there was a big explosion in space and that is how stars and planets were formed. How did life begin? That is, how did the first living organism come into being? It was all just rocks and sand and gasses and maybe water, right? How do you get life from non-life? The only explanation I have heard is a theory that if two pieces of rock (or granules of sand) rub together for long enough time, it can result in a living organism being formed. Right. Rocks and grains of sand are our ancestors. So if that is true, then it should be reproducible by scientists in a laboratory, right? A couple guys in white coats should be able to take some rocks and sand and create life. Don’t get your hopes up on that one.

 3. Darwin’s Assumptions about Cells were Subsequently Proven Incorrect. Darwin theorized that life began with simple cells which continually evolve into more complex organisms. However that was before powerful microscopes were invented, so at that time the DNA cell had not yet been discovered. The DNA cell is probably the most complex thing in the entire universe! It screams intelligent design. Furthermore, frogs actually have the most complex DNA in the animal kingdom; far more complex than the DNA of humans. We all must be on the way to evolving into frogs if Darwin’s theory is correct. If Darwin had this information, it is highly unlikely he would have ever publicized his theory of evolution because it destroys it at a fundamental level.

 4. The Incredible Series of Accidental Coincidences is Impossible. This is why Einstein said a non-created universe was not possible. It just could not have occurred by happenstance like the evolutionists ask us to believe. I have seen different figures quoted in regards to the chances of all this coming together. One is regarding just the DNA cell being formed by chance all on its own; the figure I have seen estimates the odds being a 1 with 40,000 zeroes after it to 1 against.

Then there is the protein cell, the basic building block of all life. For the first protein cell to have developed by chance would apparently take 10 to the 28th power of fortuitous concurrences of accidental circumstances. There are only 10 to the 25th power of specks of dust on the earth. Even if the age of the universe is some crazy number like 25 billion years old, all the microbes would have had to been constantly interacting in chance encounters, millions of times per second, just for the first protein cell to have come into being by happenstance, and even that is not enough time.

There is more like that. Much more. This explanation of our existence being the result of chance is just a wild, wild yarn which takes much more faith to believe in than the existence of an eternal God who created everything (including the entire physical dimension). It’s not the Christians who believe in fanciful fairy tales, it is the evolutionists.

5. No Geological Column. There is no known place on the earth where you can dig down the side of a cliff and see a geological column from each era going back millions of years. This should exist according to the theory of evolution. It remains a hypothesis, and will continue to do so, because it just ain’t there.

 6. Sheep Need Shearing. Does this one seem a bit out of place? In case you are unaware, sheep cannot survive without human care. How does this fit into evolution?

 7. Sunsets are Beautiful. Not just sunsets, but fields of wildflowers in spring, the mountains after a storm on a clear day, and even afternoon rain clouds over a valley in the summertime. Why should these things be beautiful? There is no logical reason in evolution for both the existence of beautiful scenes in nature and our innate ability to appreciate them. The Bible tells us that the evidence of God’s majesty is all around us. Go on an Alaskan cruise if you do not believe in God; it may just change your mind.

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