7 Reasons You Can Trust the Bible

1. Historical Accuracy. All of the world history reported in the Bible has been proven to be accurate. Bible critics used to question some things; for example the existence of the city of Nineveh and the existence of one of the Assyrian kings mentioned, until archeological digs confirmed them. Nothing in the Bible has ever been proven to be inaccurate or false.

 2. Prophecy Fulfilled. The prophecy in the Bible that has been fulfilled is nothing short of remarkable. So much so, that the Bible critics have been forced to invent theories of “two different Isaiah’s” and Daniel actually living hundreds of years after he penned his scripture. The incredible future events predicted that came to pass are just too stunning for them otherwise.  Likewise, the prophecies concerning the Messiah were so obviously fulfilled by Jesus that you have to get downright stupid and stubborn to deny Him.

 3. Miraculous Harmony. The Bible is actually 66 individual books penned by 40 different authors over a time span of more than 1500 years, on at least three different continents. The authors (ghost writers in reality) were from all different cultural backgrounds, education levels, and classes in society. Kings and fishermen both contributed important works. Yet, the Bible reads through with incredible harmony – almost like a novel by your favorite writer – which is its own miracle right there in front of you. Only God could pull that off. There is no other book that can be remotely compared to it. Certainly not the Quran or the Book of Mormon, both written by one or two guys collaborating who knocked them out in a matter of months, centuries after the Bible had been canonized.

 4. Unity. The Bible with all of its history, prophecy, poetry, wisdom, and inspiration still maintains a unified theme throughout. Just a few chapters into it you have man’s fall from grace in an act of rebellion against God. The entire rest of it is the unfolding of God’s plan of redemption for man.

5. Intellectual Fodder. Thousands of years later, the Bible is still the source of intellectual pondering for some of the smartest men on earth. No other ancient manuscript can claim this. The Bible holds its own in top-level debates among highly intelligent people, and has plenty of supporters at that level. As a Bible supporter you never have to worry about being in a camp of stupid-looking people.

 6. Endurance. They have been trying to destroy the Bible since it has existed. The early Roman Empire ordered all copies of Christian scripture and literature found and destroyed. This has been the most persecuted and hated book of all time. Yet it has survived, and is still the single best-selling book world-wide year after year. This would not be possible without divine help. Furthermore, the accuracy in reproduction of the original writings over the centuries has been confirmed through historical records and the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls. The scripture we have today reads the same as it did in ancient times.

7. More than Words. The Bible states that all scripture is the inspired Word of God, and that the Word of God is alive and active and sharper than any two edged sword. So it is more than just words on a page. God actually communicates to us, on a daily basis, through the studying of His Word, as many Bible-reading Christians can testify to. Try it. You will find answers to your daily problems in the pages of scripture if you make a habit of reading it regularly in an honest attempt to draw close to God. This book never gets old and you can read it over and over and over again and always be finding new things and discovering new insights. In fact, we should all be doing that, all the time. Our lives will be much better for it.

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