Chuck Missler on the Rapture

If you never heard of Chuck Missler, check him out in the video below:

That is part 1 of a 12 part video series with Chuck speaking on the rapture. If you would like to see the whole series, here is a link to part 2 at YouTube:

When it ends the next one in the series is always at the top of the right sidebar.

Who is Chuck Missler? A really smart guy. I have read that his IQ is 180. So much for Bible-believing Christians being stupid, huh? Let’s face it, despite what atheists say, to believe or not to believe is a personal choice, a decision of the heart, which has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence. Atheists act like they have figured out that there is no God and religion is for weak, insecure people who desperately need something to hope in. As if it was a math equation that can be solved through a reasoning process! The truth is, they choose not to believe – in the face of much evidence to the contrary – usually simply because they are concerned that believing is going to somehow screw up all their fun in life.

Chuck Missler is a well-known author and Bible teacher who now lives and pastors a church in Idaho. He is a former military man and former Bible teacher at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Listening to him speak on the scriptures is enlightening and fun. He delivers his messages in a no-nonsense, thought-provoking manner that is easy to get hooked on. An atheist doesn’t stand a chance arguing with this guy. Neither do people that don’t think the Bible is all literal truth, as you will no doubt gather from the video series.

When you get to the latter videos, he makes some great points (many of which have also been made in one form or another on the pages of this website). He explains in no uncertain terms how only the pre-wrath rapture doctrine is consistent with all of scripture. This is important. If the Bible is not all literal truth, then it will say whatever you want it to say. That is why there are so many different Bible-based religions, church denominations, and cults with conflicting teachings. They are not accepting the Bible as literal truth.

Those of us that do accept the Bible as literal truth have no conflicts. We are taught all throughout the New Testament to expect the return of Christ at any time, that his coming is imminent. But we also know that a certain series of events must happen before he can return and set up his kingdom, which would cancel out the immanency of his second coming if there were no rapture.

Since two different events are described as his second coming in the Bible, we know that one is imminent and the other comes at the given time in scripture. One of those events only has Jesus returning to the cloud level to gather his people. Because believers in the church age (that’s now) are promised that they are not appointed to wrath, and there are events taking place in heaven during the tribulation period that we must be present for, we know we will be raptured in the clouds before the tribulation.

The kingdom of Jesus on this earth will be a literal kingdom here, with Jesus ruling from Mount Zion in Jerusalem, that lasts 1,000 years. Immortal saints from the church age will be returning with him, in their new glorified bodies, and will apparently be regional governors – as the Bible says we will reign with him. But there will still be mortals on earth, starting with the survivors from the tribulation, who will make up the subjects of the kingdom age. This is all true, because believing the Bible is all literal truth tells us so. If you don’t believe the Bible is all literal truth, then you have confusion. And the Bible says that God is not a God of confusion in 1 Corinthians 14:33.

Give the video series a watch. They are really cool and will whet your appetite for sound doctrine.

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