How to Convince Someone that the Rapture will Take Place

Honestly, this is the wrong question. The knowledge of the rapture seems to be a special blessing for people that really love to study the Bible. Could it even be the promised special blessing in the book of Revelation, for those who read and study that last book of the Bible? (Revelation is the only book in the bible which promises a special blessing for those who really get into it.)

However the subject does make great discussion material, if you are discussing it with somebody that does not have a closed mind to the concept. It is a waste of time and energy to argue with a stubborn post-tribber. It is also a waste of time talking about this with an atheist. Stick to the message of the gospel with those folks, and just love them. The important thing is accepting the fact that we are that we are all sinners, and we all need a savior, and Jesus is that savior. Seeking forgiveness through him is the act of repentance that can save us. It is in fact the only thing that can save us, according to the Bible, according to Jesus himself. If you cannot get beyond that with a person, there is no point to a doctrinal debate.

In fact there is a hierarchy of issues that need to be agreed upon before a healthy discussion about the rapture can take place. They are:

1. Belief in God

2. Belief that the Bible is God’s inspired Word (written by men only in the sense of taking dictation from God).

3. Belief that the Bible is all truth; that it is God’s infallible, accurate, and complete Word to us.

4. Belief that the Bible is literally true, not some mystery book that cannot be completely understood, not subject to individual interpretation, but containing a findable universal truth for those that search in it.

5. Belief that the Bible is the only reliable word from God, nothing else, no “Bible + something.”

If you can get past those points, you have a foundation for an intelligent conversation. You should then be able to convince the person from scriptural support that the rapture will not only take place, but soon, and certainly before God’s wrath is poured out during the last few years of the great tribulation. Just read the rest of the articles on this website, listen to the video below, and take a few notes.

Of course, if you are talking to somebody that agrees on all five of the above points, they probably already believe in the pre-tribulation rapture! (Especially if they have invested any significant time in Bible study.) It’s really the only way that the fourth point, above, works. Any other viewpoint will have issues, and ultimately must claim that certain parts of the Bible are not true, or at least don’t mean what they say.

Now why would our loving, merciful Father in Heaven, who loves us so much that he sent his only begotten Son to die in our place, give us a mystery book that nobody can understand? Why would he want us to be confused? Indeed, if God does exist and he is the person that the Bible makes him out to be, then the Bible must be accurate! All of it. It’s just a matter of making time for him in our busy lives, getting our noses in that book, and wanting to learn what he has to say to us. That, of course, is exactly what he wants from us. It makes perfect sense. Consequently you won’t find many good Bible teachers that are dogmatic about a post-tribulation rapture viewpoint.

Speaking of good Bible teachers, below is a short YouTube audio file from renowned author and speaker Mark Hitchcock explaining why the rapture must take place. This is the first in a series of four recordings about the timing of the rapture (you can find the rest on YouTube if you like), but this first one may give you some ammunition when trying to convince someone that the rapture will take place.

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