Men Kissing on TV

choicesIf there is one thing clearly happening in our western culture here in the early 21st century, it is a line being drawn in the sand and everyone being told to get on one side or the other. Every time you see men kissing on TV, you should be reminded that God is telling us it’s time to pick your side, folks. This is serious. Which side do you want to be on – the one which we know is going to lose, or the one which we know is going to win? The one which indulges in an ever-widening assortment of pursuits associated with rapid moral decay, or the one which seeks to please God? The one which leaves you hungover, diseased, and perpetually unsatisfied? Or the one that puts peace and unspeakable joy in your heart as you draw near to your Creator who loves you.

How much does He love you? So much that He is willing to forgive ALL your sins, and sacrificed His own son to prove it. God is, in fact, waiting for unrepentant sinners of all types with open arms; waiting for them to simply repent and turn to Him. He has promised in the Bible to forget your sins and never mention them to you again if you will just repent and seek Him.

But you must do it now. The Bible says today is the day of salvation, and that there is a point when a person says no to God one too many times and God abandons them to the sinful lusts of their heart forever. This is the scariest reality in the message of the gospel. You can’t keep putting off your salvation. This is something that you must get taken care of, now. Accept Christ. Receive him into your heart. Admit you are a sinner, ask God for forgiveness, turn to Jesus and choose to follow him today. This is a decision that is impossible to regret. You are being saved, and, according to John’s Gospel, given the right to become a child of God. Nothing is so rewarding, nothing can remotely compare.

What is it you are hanging on to? What sin is it so dear to you that you would risk spending an eternity in a very dark, hot, miserable place void of everything good, forever away from the God who loves you, in order to not let go of it? Don’t tell me it brings you happiness, because I know that isn’t true. You want true happiness? Let it go, turn to God, say yes to Jesus.

The rapid moral decay of our society is hard evidence that Jesus is coming for his sheep very soon. The important thing to do now is become one of his sheep. It’s time to pick your side.

• When I see men kissing on daytime and primetime TV on the free major network stations, I know God is telling all of us: It’s time to pick your side.

• When I see a Christmas ad of men in their underwear shaking their “jingle bells” playing music for – of all things – a Kmart ad, I know God is telling all of us: It’s time to pick your side.

• When I see a huge Monster Energy Drink ad posted in a neighborhood market window with a life-sized girl pulling the front of her bathing suit bottom open with her thumb, I know God is telling all of us: It’s time to pick your side.

• When I see the most popular cable TV show in history cancelled because one of the cast members made biblical references about a certain sin that has become culturally popular, I know God is telling all of us: It’s time to pick your side. The Duck Dynasty guy chose his side; the managers of the A&E network have apparently chosen theirs as well.

All forms of sexual immorality – not just homosexuality – are becoming more and more glamorized in our society. Every day when I get up and look around, I see it has gotten even worse. Now, this is only one form of sin and we are all sinners. But this particular type of sin is one that our culture has become smitten with. They are pushing this one on all of us, and this is the issue that the people who are choosing the losing side are publicly confronting Christians with. Stand up for Biblical principles and you will be labeled a homophobe, or some other crazy new term they invent to try and make you sound like a bad person, someone who is a detriment to society. Well, you know what? Soon, they will get their wish and we will all be gone. They can then have their dream culture, uninhibited by those pesky fundamentalist Christians – for a little while, anyway.

It makes sense that sexual immorality is the final issue which pushes us all to choose our side. The bad guys can’t very well advocate theft, murder, disrespect, bearing false witness, or covetousness and push everyone to one side or another on that point. Societies cannot condone that type of behavior and remain civilized. But they can (and all throughout history have) allow sexual immorality to infiltrate and become prevalent. Do you know what happened to those societies when that occurred? They were all destroyed, one way or another. This time around, due to modern communications promoting worldwide intercultural connectivity, it’s not happening to just one society but the entire world. And this time will be the last time. We know that because of what Jesus and the original church fathers told us, in advance, 2,000 years ago. And also because of what the Old Testament prophets told us hundreds of years prior to that, of Israel miraculously becoming a center-stage nation again in the last days after having been prior scattered to the four corners of the earth.

Men kissing on TV isn’t the only sign that the end is near, but it’s a major one. God is using the rapid degradation of our society to force us all to a decision, for Him or against Him. There is no neutral ground. Jesus said those who are not for me are against me, and those who do not gather with me scatter. Soon, the event that the Apostle Paul described in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-55 will occur. Christ pulls his people up to the cloud level to meet him in the air and forever be with him. Those who chose the winning side will go to be with him. Those who didn’t will be left here. This is the event we refer to as the rapture.

And then, the screws will really tighten. Right now, it’s still relatively easy to make a decision for Christ. The church is still here, and growing by leaps and bounds. More than 80,000 came down to the field during the 2013 Harvest Crusades and confessed faith in Christ led by Pastor Greg Laurie. New church plantings are on a record increase and church attendance is on the rise. Christian radio ministries continue to expand in syndication. The gospel is extending its reach throughout the entire world. People are coming to the Lord in great multitudes, all the while society around us deteriorates into an ever-increasingly sinful condition.

2 Peter 3:3-4 told us well in advance of these last days how there would be scoffers saying where is your Christ? Peter then went on to explain that the reason for the delay is because of God’s great mercy, that He is longsuffering and not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.  We see this happening now. But the lines are being drawn as we speak, we see it all around us, we are all being pushed to one side or another. Once the church is gone, the decision to take a stand for Christ will be much, much more difficult. If you are unwilling to do it now, how will you suddenly be willing to be martyred for it later? Today is the day of salvation.

On the one side we have unrepentant sinners. On the other we have the repentant sinners who have decided they love God and have received Christ. God is still waiting for more, but He is pushing everyone to a decision. Don’t think you can have both God and the world. You can’t, as 1 John 1:6-7 assures us. The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that to be friends with the world is to be enemies with God. The rapid moral decay of our society coincides with the greatest evangelical church movement in history. Both are happening right now, and both movements are gaining strength simultaneously. That’s a head-on train wreck waiting to happen, don’t you think? You’ve got to choose one camp or the other, and failing to choose God’s side puts you squarely in the opposing camp. The line cannot get much clearer. But it won’t be here for much longer. Choose your side. Do it before you click away from this page.

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