The End of Unbelief

solving200We are told in Romans 14:11 (which is actually quoting Isaiah 45:23) that one day every tongue will confess and every knee will bow to the Lord. Unbelief will have ended. What a glorious time for believers to look forward to – right? So, when will this be? It can only happen after the second coming of Christ; therefore, we tend to place the fulfillment of this prophecy in the Millennial Kingdom, or perhaps even in the eternity beyond. Remember, there will be one final rebellion at the end of the Millennium, and then Heaven and Earth will be destroyed. So, what is unbelief, then, really? Do unbelievers really not believe? Or is it just their excuse for being rebellious? In Revelation 20:7-10, Satan has no trouble recruiting a large army for the final rebellion, and these people all live during the physical reign of Christ, when God lives among them.

Let us not forget the rebellion of the Jews in the Sinai wilderness after having been miraculously rescued out of bondage from Egypt. These people had all seen the Red Sea parted before them with their own eyes, and the Egyptian army pursuing them destroyed. They heard God’s voice come out of clouds, and witnessed His presence in a pillar of fire. To say nothing of the dozen or so flabbergasting plagues God poured out on Egypt before the Pharaoh finally let them go (including the original “Passover” when every first-born child in Egypt was killed, but the Jewish first-born were spared). They knew God existed, had received promises from Him, and experienced his benevolence first-hand. Yet, as soon as Moses was out of their eyesight on the mountain for a few weeks receiving God’s laws, they made a golden calf and bowed down to worship it. How can this be explained?

It is because of man’s rebellious heart. Proverbs 16:2 tells us it is our motives that are examined by God. Is a truly selfless act even possible for man? I think not. I am hopeful of a reward from God for even my most charitable of actions. Romans 7:18 reveals the true nature of our hearts and should be referred to whenever we start feeling too good about ourselves.

I must question whether unbelief is even real. The last chapter of my book Solving Religion with Logic is about solving the mystery of deception and unbelief. How can intelligent people be willing members of wacky false religions? How is it there are  both atheists and Christians – as well as members of every other opposing religious viewpoint on earth – who score highly on IQ tests? Shouldn’t the smartest people all agree on which religious viewpoint is obvious truth? Perhaps we are not so smart after all. The very fact that this condition exists testifies to a third dimension of man, other than mind and body, that which the Bible refers to as our heart. It is evidence of our spiritual side.

In that same book, I provide insightful quotes from esteemed professors of evolutionary biology at Harvard University. The most famous of these is George Wald, a Nobel Prize winner. This highly intelligent man freely admits he knows full well that evolution of species on planet earth has been proven impossible beyond any shred of doubt, but he chooses to believe in that which I know is impossible because there is only one alternative, believing in God, which he does not want to do. You have to admire this guy’s honesty. As far as he is concerned, God has actually revealed Himself, and Professor Wald has built himself a golden calf to worship instead. This can only be classified as outright rebellion. There is no higher authority on the subject of evolution than a Nobel Prize winning professor of evolution at Harvard, and no more intelligent mind we can consult on such a matter. He says that God exists, but he chooses not to acknowledge Him and believe in something he knows is false instead.

Psalm 19:1-4 tells us the evidence of God is all around us. We don’t need additional miracles or signs. They are there, every day and every night, surrounding us. If we choose not to believe the evidence we see around us, we would also find an excuse not to believe even should God appear before us and say, “Here I am.” Romans 1:20 assures us that those who ignore the obvious evidence of God’s existence are truly without excuse. Are you really going to stand before God one day and say, “I thought it was obvious everything was the result of an incredible series of accidental coincidences” ?

Unbelief is simply a form of rebellion. Therefore, it will not end until rebellion ends – when those of us who love the Lord are segregated into our own society, with each other and with the Lord, forever.

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