Understanding God’s Judgments

God is not restrained from telling us about his judgments upon man in the pages of the Bible. He flooded the earth once to kill everyone except one family. Cities have been destroyed with fire and brimstone from the sky. The Jews were conquered and led away into captivity in Babylon for 70 years. And I am just getting started! In the New Testament, God’s further judgments are mainly promised as future events, the big ones coming after the church age is complete. That does not, however, mean God has put all his judgments on hold until then! He has always been a micro-manager when it comes to looking after His creation, and especially His own children. His Biblical pattern of bringing consequences upon large groups of people for rebellious, ungodly behavior is something to consider when observing certain modern day afflictions on society.

A terrific example is Aides, a devastating disease which came upon the world scene just a few decades ago. Where did such a thing come from? We know it started in the homosexual community, where it mainly resides, but there have always been practicing homosexuals on the earth. There is actually considerable scientific evidence that it started from humans having sexual relations with animals, specifically monkeys. This type of thing is singled out in places of scripture as an abomination to God. (So is the practice of homosexuality, by the way.)

Interesting, isn’t it? You almost could not design a more fitting justice if you tried, this disease which ran rampant through homosexual and drug-addict communities in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The Bible tells us that God is just and His judgments are perfect. Yes, innocent people have contracted Aides. I cannot tell you why, or whether or not God intended those instances to happen; I can only tell you that God allowed them to happen. Not every bad thing which happens is a judgment from God.

Another practice which is described as an abomination to God in the Bible is that of witchcraft, sorcery, consorting with demons, messing around in the occult. The huge earthquake in Haiti in 2010 is certainly interesting. That particular nation had quite a large population who practiced voodoo and Satan-worship. Haiti shares the same island as the Dominican Republic. It is not a large land mass, but it is big enough for these two countries to share it. The Dominican Republic population is largely Catholic. They were left essentially unscathed from this same earthquake that decimated the other half of the island.

Aides and the Haiti earthquake would both appear to be obvious modern-day judgments of God to me. But I don’t know for a fact that they were. They just seem …obvious. I cannot answer for the innocent people who were hurt or killed by these judgments, however, except to acknowledge nobody is actually innocent. Every day which goes by where I am not diagnosed with a terminal health condition or crushed in a falling building is a true blessing which only speaks to my Lord’s incredible grace. I certainly do not deserve such grace.

The reason bad things happen to good people is because A) there are no actual good people, and B) we live in a fallen world which is governed by sin. The reason “bad” things exist at all is because of rebellion. Only good things originate from God. All bad things are really a result of God’s creatures (angels, Adam, Eve, you, me) rebelling against God. Bad things are the consequences of rebellion.

God still has a plan. His plan of redemption for man was affected 2,000 years ago on a cross in Jerusalem, and is an ongoing endeavor. That plan, however, is carried out in a hostile environment. No bad thing can happen to anybody without God allowing it, and God does step in for all of us and stop an untold multitude of bad things from happening to us every day. Why He allows the rest of them to get through, only He knows. What Christians know from Romans 8:28 is that the bad things He allows to happen to us are not actually bad at all; in fact, ultimately they will be the best thing for us that could have happened then.

Non-Christians have no such promise. If you have not yet accepted Christ, you can turn all the bad things which happen to you into ultimate great things by dropping to your knees right now and asking Jesus to forgive your sins and come into your life.

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