Will Iran Nuke Israel?

Watching the day’s headlines, many people are concerned about the possibility of Iran using nuclear weapons against Israel, should they actually be able to develop them. This is certainly an understandable concern for non-believers, and even for believers who do not study the Bible (also for half-believers who don’t fully grasp the scope of God’s power). Iran is fervently pursuing the development of these weapons, and the President of Iran himself has publicly stated his desire to “wipe Israel off the map.” In this day and age any modern country who has the will to seems to be able to possess nuclear weapons. So really it seems to be only a question of time before they get them, and if they are given the chance, Iran would no doubt attempt a nuclear attack against Israel.

But it ain’t gonna happen. That is to say, any such attempt will not be successful, and I seriously doubt that Iran will ever become a nuclear power. The reason is, God is on the side of Israel. I could quote about 127 Bible verses here to help support my viewpoint, including many that have to do with the end times after God has gathered Israel from the four corners of the earth back into her homeland again (which has now happened and is still happening). The prophecies of the Bible are unfolding right before our eyes, and yet many Christians don’t even see it.

If you think it is possible that Iran (or anybody else) could destroy Israel, then you really have been spending too much time watching the news and not enough time attending a Bible study. The mere fact that Israel exists as a nation today, and for that matter the fact that the Jewish people still exist as a race, is a miracle beyond our appreciation. God has done everything that He said He would. What, is He going to fail now, after all this?

Some Christians falsely believe that God is done with the nation of Israel, which means their survival as a race and their reforming as a nation again back their homeland (after being gone for more than 1800 years), is all the result of happenstance. Give me a break, you may as well believe in evolution if you are partial to such wild coincidences. See the article on this website titled Why Replacement Theology Cannot Be True if this is your ailment.

At the time of this writing, it is estimated that within 6 months Iran will have completed a series of underground bunkers that will make preventing their nuclear program difficult for any outside force. Therefore it is extremely likely that Israel will launch an air strike (or something) soon, which will probably result in an international political crisis, since nobody seems to be backing Israel anymore. So 2012 should be an interesting year for the Arab/Israeli conflict in world headlines.

But even if Iran completes the bunkers unhindered, they will never succeed in a nuclear attack against Israel. God himself will step in and prevent it. We know that there will be an attack against Israel by a coalition of nations (which include Russia, Iran, and Turkey) at some point from the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Whether that happens before or after the rapture we can only speculate. But God himself steps in and defeats the invading force supernaturally. Therefore we know that Israel is still there when this happens, and we see that God fights on their side still, just as He has done in every battle they have fought since their battle of independence in 1948.

It is interesting to note that Iran has recently suffered serious setbacks in their nuclear program – and we are talking about years here – because of a computer virus, of all things. It has been speculated that the virus may have gotten into their system by an Israeli covert operation. I wonder what form their next setback will take? Air strike, another virus, a mysterious explosion, or what have you. But it is coming. You can bank on that.

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