Will the Rapture Occur in 2018?

As much as I’d love to predict this, I can’t – because no man knows the day or the hour, and the Lord is still saving people for His glorious harvest. It certainly could happen. Everything is in place. The world is becoming more ungodly by the day, even as the evangelism continues its magnificent exponential growth. What I wrote a few years ago in regards to “a line is being drawn, and everyone is being told to get on one side or the other” has proved prophetic, and continues to manifest. This is especially true in light of the polarizing political environment in the United States. The mirage of a neutral middle ground is vanishing under your feet.

The ungodly liberals never seem to lack for a spurious cause to shove in our faces and further poison our society with. The latest is this absurd Me too movement where women are being encouraged to tarnish the reputation of any successful male if that man ever showed any kind of romantic interest in you in the past. This appears to include simply asking a woman out on a date. The truthfulness of the accusations is never questioned, and does not appear to be an important factor. But then, truth is not a leftist value. Thankfully, most of the accusations seem to fall on members of the left. That seems fitting, as liberals are most likely the true culprits of any valid complaints which happen to weave their way into the obvious web of deceit, jealousy, and greed which this movement is constructed from. Women better watch out on this one. Many happily-married couples met in the workplace. Be careful what you wish for.

My wife and I enjoy watching a new TV show named The Good Doctor. It’s a medical show about a young man with autism who becomes a doctor, and manages to land a job as a resident surgeon at a city hospital. Freddie Highmore is brilliant as the main character. But low and behold, this Me too garbage worked its way into the show while we are still in the first season! What a horrible shame. A word of advice to the producers: leave this political crap out of the show! You have an excellent story premise, and plenty of material to work with as a direct result. You don’t need this and will only lose viewers.

The devil’s poison permeates our society. It works its way into every facet. This should be no surprise, as we know from scripture that he is the prince of this present earth. Culture is the breeding ground for his spiritual poison. Only in the Christian culture are we insulated from the spreading evil. Consequently, you cannot be a “cultural Christian,” as James so forcefully discloses to us in James 4:4. You need to get your heart right with God. When you do, the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to the devil’s schemes. Bible study is such an important activity for a Christian that if you are not doing it, you become vulnerable to Satan through the culture. He would like nothing better than for your Bible to remain dusty on the shelf.

The bright spot on the scene is, of course, our current President. Many Christian leaders have professed an amazing belief that God granted our nation a reprieve from evil leaders and blessed us with a God-fearing President. I share this view. I see Trump as type of Hezekiah or Josiah (hopefully Josiah, as that was the last good king of the Old Testament before their final judgment came, removing the last of the Israelites from the Promised Land). I must admit to being happily surprised to see the evidence of President Trump’s Christianity. You shall know a tree by its fruit.

But doesn’t this infer that the rapture could be a ways off still? Yes, quite possibly. On the other hand, the more comfortable we get with that idea the more likely it is to occur. In Matthew 24:44 Jesus tells us he will come at an hour we expect him not. In that light, Trump’s Presidency could very well be preparing the exact condition for that particular promise of Jesus to be fulfilled. Now that’s exciting!

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